• „A friend loves at all times,and a braother is born for adversity“

    Holy Bible,Proverbs 17:17

  • "By wisdom a house is built. And through understanding it is established; thrugh knowledge its rooms are filed with rare and beautiful treasures."

    Holy Bible, Proverbs 24:3-4

  • "A word aptly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver."

    Holy Bible, Proverbs 25:11

  • "Whoever watches the wind will not plant; whoever looks at the clouds will not reap."

    Holy Bible, Ecclesiastes 11:4

  • "God does not show favoritism but accepts men from every nation who fear him and do what is right. "

    Holy Bible, Acts 10:34

  • "Those who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God. "

    Holy Bible, Romans 8:14

  • "God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in him."

    Holy Bible, 1 John 4:16



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Objave o Bibliji

Sarajevski dnevni list "Oslobođenje"

Tekst je objavljen u subotnjem izdanju sarajevskog dnevnog lista Oslobođenje, od 19.oktobra/listopada 2013. - dodatak Pogledi, st. 38-39, Dr Ivan Markešić, sociolog religije iz Zagreba

Isječak iz dnevnog lista

Journal “Pogledi” (Outlooks); weekly supplement of the daily newspaper “Oslobođenje” (Liberation), October 19th, 2013; pages 38-39

“The Protestant Bible”
A Review of the Possibilities of Standard Bosnian Language

By: Prof. dr. Ivan Markešić

We have in front of us another, brand new and complete translation of the Bible (Old and New Testament). In actual fact, we have in front of us the first edition of the very first complete (Protestant) Bible translation into official Bosnian language that has been published in the middle of this year, after more than 10 years of translation and editorial work by a chosen team of linguists, theologians, philosophers and other experts, by a publishing company Preduzeće za izdavačku djelatnost i promet TDP d.o.o. and publisher Narcis Pozderc from Sarajevo.

With this translation, Bosnian language became a part of the large group of world languages that have their own translations of the Bible. That is, according to data from the United Bible Societies , established in London in 1804 exclusively for the purpose of Bible translation, there are around 500 complete Bible translations in the world today (almost 30 percent of which are deuterocanonical) and this number rises every year. According to the same source, out of the total of 7100 languages in the world the Bible has until now been translated into 2550 languages, which is 53 times more than 200 years ago when it was translated into only 48 languages.

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Foto i text

Slika i text iz sarajevskog dnevnog lista Oslobođenje mali i veliki format(klikom na sliku).

Pdf izvod texta

Tekst iz sarajevskog dnevnog lista Oslobođenje od 19.oktobra/listopada 2013. - dodatak Pogledi, st. 38-39 izvden u digitalni olik.Autor:Dr Ivan Markešić, sociolog religije iz Zagreb

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Kreirano 18.12.2013 godine
Prvo izdanje prvoga cjelovitog prijevoda Biblije na službeni bosanski jezik izašlo je iz tiska sredinom 2013. godine, nakon više od 10 godina prevodilačkog rada odabranog tima bosansko-hercegovačkih bošnjačkih teologa i lingvista i teologa islamskog religijskog porijekla i/ili pripadnosti.

Urednik je bio bošnjački slobodni znanstvenik Dr Redžo Trako

Prijevod Staroga zavjeta zasnovan je na tekstu Biblia Hebreica Stuttgartensia.
Prijevod Novoga zavjeta zasnovan je na tekstu United Bible Societies' Greek Tekst.
Utemeljitelj projekta bio je Stuart Moses Graham, član Muckamore Presbyterian Church iz Sjeverne Irske.
Stručni voditelj projekta bio je James Dannenberg iz Istambula, anglikanski lingvist sa Oxforda, savjetnik vodećih svjetskih biblijskih prevoditelja, i jedan od članova tima prevoditelja posljednjeg prijevoda Biblije na turski jezik.
Urednik je bio bošnjački slobodni znanstvenik Dr Redžo Trako, .

Dr Senahid Halilović, profesor Filozofskog fakulteta u Sarajevu, predsjednik Slavističkog komiteta Bosne i Hercegovine, ko-autor Riječnika bosanskog jezika i urednik Pravopisa bosanskog jezika

Članovi prevoditeljskog tima bili su bili vodeći bošnjački lingvisti i teolozi:
- Dr Senahid Halilović, profesor Filozofskog fakulteta u Sarajevu, predsjednik Slavističkog komiteta Bosne i Hercegovine, ko-autor Riječnika bosanskog jezika i urednik Pravopisa bosanskog jezika.
- Akademik Dr Rešid Hafizović, zamjenik direktora i profesor Fakulteta islamskih naukau Sarajevu, i član Iranske akademija nauka.
- Dr Ismail Palić, profesor Filozofskog fakulteta u Sarajevu, i stručnjak za sintaksu bosanskog jezika, i
- Edib Kafadar, šef Ureda za odnose sa javnošću prvog privatnog univerziteta u Sarajevu – School of Science and Tehnology.

Tehničku pripremu, dizajn, izdavanje i distribuciju obavilo je sarajevsko Preduzeće za izdavačku djelatnost i promet TDP d.o.o. nakladnika Narcisa Pozderca, a tiskala jedna od vodećih bosansko-hercegovačkih tiskara Grafotisak iz Gruda.

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says about Bible

„The role of the Bible translation in the development of national culture may not be enough highlight: the King James Bible and Luther's translation are the first-class linguistic monuments which defined the development of English and German, and in this day and age many people get their first book particularly through the Bible translation societies. Zagrebina Bible from 1968. itself also consciously took great burden of affirming Croatian language at a time when he was threatened because the Yugoslavian institutions preferred Serbian. Bosnian translation so obviously takes a certain cultural role, not just religious.“

Prof. Dr. Boris Beck, linguist, writer and lecturer (Faculty of Philosophy - Zagreb)

“The Bosnian Bible is a very interesting cultural event, as well as a religious and even national one… many things can be read from this edition of the Bible… a desire to bring the Bible closer to another part of the population, another people… however, we have to admit that there is nothing revolutionary new here... The Bible has been read in Bosnia for hundreds of years ... still, I do think this is commendable and good ... an event that is great for those who are engaged in it, and who will be holding the Bible in their hands ... I wouldn't say that this is some kind of a revolution ... but in any case it is a praiseworthy event.”

Branko Gelemanović, priest (Pakrac dean and pastor of the parish Most Holy Trinity in Daruvar)

“The leaven has penetrated the dough, just stand back and watch!!!”

Desmond Maxwell, teacher and preacher (Lecturer at the Belfast Bible College, and Founder of the Xplorations Ministries)

“The translation of the Bible into Bosnian language completely changed our whole outlook on life.”

Prof. Dr. Ismail Palić, linguist, writer and lecturer (Faculty of Philosophy – Sarajevo):

“Each book has its own path towards the reader and this one is no exception. However, this book has its path with a reason. Namely, it does not only bring “holy texts” together in “new language” but its appearance makes it a document of the possibilities of standard Bosnian language, in the same way that the translation into standard Croatian language did before it. I hope, therefore, that this translation of Judaic-Christian texts from the Holy Scriptures into standard Bosnian language will find its way to a large number of readers of different ethnic branches as well as religions and worldviews and therefore enable them to get acquitted with the messages that the Almighty had in different times throughout history given to the members of different cultures and civilizations in a language that they could understand. It is only through the understanding of Jehovah/God/Allah’s message in their own mother’s tongue that common relations between people from different communities, towards others and themselves, can be created – from the beginning of the world till this day. And one of the languages that the Almighty used to send his message to the people and through which they may have an opportunity to receive it directly and without mediators, is standard Bosnian language, i.e. the Protestant Bible translated into Bosnian language, or - even better: the Bosnian Bible.” "

Prof. Dr. Ivan Markešić, sociologist of religion (Institute for Social Research “Ivo Pilar – Zagreb)

“The Bosnian Bible testifies that Muslims and Christians may not be brothers but are without doubt at least cousins ... Muslim Bosniaks have indebted all Christians by giving them a Bible in Bosnian language. Now it is up to Christians to show a similar act of goodwill …”

James Danneberg, turkologist and Bible translator

“The Bible translation into Bosnian language is the first time that people from Islamic religious tradition translated the Bible into the language of people we understand ...”

Dr. Jaroslav Pecnik, politician, television editor and lecturer (Evangelical Theologocil College – Osijek)

„The first edition of the complete translation of the Bible into Bosnian language is a significant contribution to Bosnian and Herzegovinian and Bosniak culture as well as to the Protestant tradition in this part of the world. We believe that due to the quality of this translation and its linguistic familiarity, this Bible will prove interesting to the readers from Croatian, Serbian and Montenegrin linguistic groups as well. The Bible comes in a large format, suitable for people with visual impairment… This is commendable …”

Jasmin Koso, deacon and preacher (Christ the Redeemer – Zagreb, the Protestant Reformed Christian Church in Croatia, the Reformed Episcopal Church)

“About 10 or 11 years ago, I helped some people to make contacts with colleagues in Wycliffe Bible Translators. These people, in Northern Ireland and Bosnia, set out on a dream. Yesterday I held the fruit of that dream in my hands. Back then, linguistic wisdom declared that Bosnians, Serbs and Croats could all understand the Bible in Serbo-Croat. Even today, The Ethnologue references to Bosnian, Serbian and Croatian all state – Bible: 1804–1968. In other words, there was a Bible developed over that time span that is mutually understandable to all three language groups. However the Bosnian conflict of the 1990s, and the subsequent independence of Bosnia-Herzegovina, has resulted in a nationalization of all three languages. While linguistically, there was no pressing reason for a translation of the Bible into Bosnian, there were very strong socio-linguistic reasons for doing so. Bosnian Christians, with clear memories of Serbian war crimes, wanted a Bible of their own. The Bible in modern Bosnian is now complete. The translation was done by a group of Bosniak scholars in Sarajevo with supervision from an experienced Bible translator.”

John Hamilton, Wycliffe bible translator (Saintfield Road Presbyterian Church – Belfast)

“My first impressions of the Bosnian Bible… It is clear that this translation was done by believers and that it is intended for believers, especially Christians of the Reformed Worldview (seven Deuterocanonical books of the Old Testament are missing)… The book itself is visually impressive: hardcover, text positioned in two columns, large letters, and minimal notes. Introductions into each Biblical book are “conservative” from the point of view of traditional introductions into Old and New Testament books… In any case, from the position of standard Bosnian language, and the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina, this is a commendable effort and I congratulate all who were involved. Only left now is the question of reception: Muslims may read this book as pure fiction while Catholics may continue to use Croatian and Serb-Orthodox believers Serbian translations …“

Monsignor Mato Zovkić, general vicar, priest and Bible translator (The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Vrhbosna – Sarajevo)

“It is with great pleasure that I can say how much I enjoyed this Bible translation. I absolutely agree with the choice of terms such as ‘Anointed One’, ‘community’ and ‘immersion’ in place of ‘Christ’, ‘church’ and ‘baptism’. I have personally had issues with more traditional translations of these terms when explaining them to people, as this terminology has become ‘contaminated’ by different influences throughout history… The only thing left to say to this translation is AMEN.”

Miloš Komanović, theologian, radio evangelist and pastor (“Betel” Baptist Church – Sisak)

“Jure Kaštelan begins his famous Introduction to Croatian translation of the Bible by saying: ‘The Bible is the most read and most translated book ever produced by the genius of humankind. For Christians - Catholics, Orthodox and Protestants - it is a holy, inspired and canonic book. At the same time, the Bible is for every man a collection of historical records as well as literary work of original and permanent artistic strength. It belongs to common culture of mankind.’ In this spirit of culture, in this spirit of scriptural seeking which is universal and should belong to all people, we should celebrate this first complete translation of the Bible into Bosnian language... I worked on Bible translations and if I was asked to describe in short what makes a good translation of the Bible I would say that it should always be both - faithful to the original and understandable to its contemporaries … By looking at this Bosnian translation I believe that it is very understandable to our contemporaries. I have not yet had time to compare it with Hebrew Old Testament and Greek New Testament originals ... but regardless, I do think the translators did a great job ...”

Prof. Dr Peter Kuzmič, founder, rector and lecturer (Evangelical Theological Seminary – Osijek)

“I believe that our Bible translation presents an outreach of not just one but both hands of goodwill by Muslim Bosniaks towards Christians in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is no small thing … With this act, we have once again knocked on the conscience of both Muslims and Christians … We should also not lose sight of the fact that the successors of both these religious traditions are the most responsible for the preservation of peace on this planet, the only one we have to live on … and that the way they behave … if they manage to stop or break this circle of hatred… and if they continue to reach towards one another thus creating a visible bridge of hope… thus preserving the highest values of divine universal heritage … the whole world will be grateful to us.”

Academician Prof. Dr. Rešid Hafizović, theologian, translator, writer and lecturer ( Faculty of Islamic Studies – Sarajevo)

“We are all aware that the Bible is the most translated book in the world, and we also know that it is the most cited, most selling, as well as the first book ever to be printed … We are aware that the very culture of today's civilization is built upon the Bible… the Bible has served as an inspiration for many scientists and artists … and us believers in particular … This is why it was my honor to be one of the presenters of the first Bosnian Bible …“

Romana Horvat, director and librarian (Public library and reading room – Daruvar)

“The Bosnian Bible reminds me of the words of Old Testament prophet Isaiah, who said: ‘This is what God says, the God who builds a road right through the ocean, who carves a path through pounding waves ... ‘Forget about what’s happened; don’t keep going over old history. Be alert, be present. I’m about to do something brand-new. It’s bursting out! Don’t you see it? There it is! I’m making a road through the desert, rivers in the badlands’...“

Dr Selwyn Black, founder, principal, counselor and lecturer (Apheideo Associates – Belfast)

“Our Bible translation into standard Bosnian language was created within best linguistic tradition, with the intent to activate the peculiarities of one separate Bosnian branch, one relatively specific Bosnian variety, based on our former common standard language …”

Prof. Dr. Senahid Halilović, linguist, translator, writer and lecturer (Faculty of Philosophy – Sarajevo)

“The publication of the Bible in Bosnian language is an extraordinary scientific, cultural and social event deserving of our attention. I trust that this edition of the Bible will be highly influential and useful for its intended readers.”

Prof. Dr. Stanko Jambrek, founder, academic dean and lecturer (The Biblical Institute – Zagreb)

“A friend warned me that another Bible translation would be nothing new under the sun, but also that if I still decide to do the Bible translation into Bosnian language I should know that the only correct way is to do a complete Bible translation, not just the New or the Old Testament. Although this took much more time and finances, it was truly my privilege and honor to work closely with the team of Bosnian intellectuals who brought all of us towards our final goal – the first complete Bosnian Bible.”

Stuart Moses Graham, founder of the Bosnian Bible Translation Project